Wood Garage Doors vs. Faux Wood (Wood Look) Garage Doors

Your garage door has more than just a functional use as a door — it’s one of the main focal points of your home from the outside. When it comes to choosing the right door, the decision isn’t based on right or wrong — it’s all about your preferences. Wood garage doors and wood look garage doors both have several benefits as well as a few drawbacks that will help you confidently make the right choice for your unique circumstances.

What is the Difference Between Wood and Faux Wood (Wood Look) Garage Doors

wood vs wood look garage door

The difference between wood garage doors and Faux wood garage doors is that wood garage doors are made entirely of wood while faux doors, also called wood-look doors, are typically made of steel or aluminum then cover with a wood or wood composite cladding and overlays. Wood garage doors can provide wide customization and are dent proof. Wood faux doors, on the other hand, provide great reliability and low maintenance.

Wood Garage Door

These doors can be built in several different ways. The least expensive builds are lightweight and have a wooden frame filled with insulation and wrapped in hardboard skin or plywood. The more expensive versions have frame-and-panel doors made entirely of whatever type of wood you choose — redwood, cedar, mahogany or hemlook, among others.

Pros of Wood Garage Doors:

  • Popular visual appeal: One of the primary wood garage door benefits is their elegant and authentic appearance. Popular designs include classic, contemporary or carriage styles.
  • High potential for customization: You have color, wood type, stain and many other choices at your fingertips. Wood doors are custom-made any way that works best for your home and matches your tastes, and they can be carved to incorporate any design.
  • Dent-proof durability: Unlike aluminum or steel, wood doors are extremely sturdy and won’t dent from most impacts.
  • Variety of prices: While almost always more expensive than other garage doors, wood garage doors range from mid-price to extremely expensive.

Cons of Wooden Garage Doors:

  • Frequent maintenance: They require regular upkeep and need to be stained or painted every two years or more to maintain a fresh look and deflect damage.
  • Lack of winter durability: If not sealed properly and frequently enough, these doors can get wet and rot or bow in the winter.
  • Higher price: Partly because they are custom-made, wood garage doors are typically more expensive than any other option.
  • Longer initial wait time: It takes a while for your door to be ready after you order it because it’s being made to suit your specific requirements.

Wood Look Garage Door

Wood look garage doors, often called “faux wood doors,” have a faux wood overlay so they look like a wood door. They’re actually designed from other materials, though, such as fiberglass. The cladding and overlay are intricately designed and sometimes contain real wood pieces to convincingly mimic the texture and grain patterns of natural wood. This pulls from popular residential garage door designs and combines them, offering several functional benefits while incorporating well-loved elements of traditional wood doors.

Pros of Wood Faux Garage Doors:

  • Highly reliable: These models prove highly durable and resistant to all forms of damage, including moisture and cracks, and they tend to last much longer through the years without constant upkeep.
  • Low maintenance: Easy to clean and hard to damage, wood look garage doors are great for people looking to put as little time into their garage door upkeep as possible.
  • More affordable: These doors are readily available and much less expensive than wood doors.

Cons of Wood Faux Garage Doors:

  • Less aesthetically appealing: Many people feel that faux wood garage doors do not compare in beauty to their authentic wood counterparts.
  • Sometimes unconvincing: Usually it’s impossible to tell the difference from the street, but depending on the design, it might become obvious the door isn’t wood the closer you get.
  • Expensive: While more budget-friendly than wood garage doors, they are still more expensive than steel doors and other models.


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