Garage Door Maintenance Guide

Regular garage door maintenance is incredibly important for maximizing the lifespan of your door. The following guide takes a look at some of the most common garage door maintenance and repair tasks, with expert advice on industry best practices. Topics to be covered in this guide include:

Garage Door Lubrication

Make a list of the important moving parts in your home, and you may not think to include your garage door... Read more

How to Care for a Wood Garage Door in the Pacific Northwest

Wood makes up some of the most attractive garage doors. The natural finish of the material contrasts beautifully with any style of home, and your curb appeal will soar if you add wooden garage doors to your house. When you purchase wood doors, you also commit to keeping them in good condition. It frequently rains in the Pacific Northwest, and if you don't protect your wooden garage doors, they can be exposed to moisture that causes severe damage. Learn how to treat your wooden garage doors so that they remain in good condition in this unique climate. (more…) Read more

Bridgeport™ Steel and Canyon Ridge® Louver Garage Doors

At DistribuDoors, we have two new garage door models from Clopay available for installation for your home in the Greater Puget Sound area. Both feature Intellicore® insulation to keep garages cooler in the hot summer sun, and warmer during cold winter months. Intellicore® also helps muffle sounds both ways for your added peace and privacy. See what the Bridgeport™ Steel and Canyon Ridge® Louver have to offer.

Bridgeport™ Steel

Clopay Bridgeport™ Steel doors Read more

Replacing Individual Panels on Your Garage

Damage to your residential garage door can happen in an instant. You may start pulling out of your garage before the door has finished opening, or a child could accidentally throw a baseball into the door, denting a panel. If the damage is minimal, you may consider letting the panel remain damaged without doing anything. Unfortunately, the damage is likely to worsen with time, and a small problem could turn into a big one before you know it. (more…) Read more