How to Fix a Garage Door When It Becomes Detached

Chances are, your garage door is one of the mechanical objects in your home whose smooth operation you take for granted. But when your garage door rollers detach from the track, repairing the problem should become a top priority. Some fixes are easy do-it-yourself projects, while others require help from a professional. Here are the most common reasons that garage doors detach from the tracks, how to fix the problem and what you can do to prevent it from happening again. (more…) Read more

Why Is My Garage Door Opening by Itself?

It happened again. You ran to the grocery store and returned quickly, only to discover that your garage door was left open. You're certain you closed it, and this isn't the first time it's happened. What's going on? Called "phantom operation" by repair experts, there are a few reasons your garage door could be opening by itself. Here are a few possible problems and how you can solve them yourself — and how to know when you should call in the pros. (more…) Read more

Does My Opener Need Maintenance?

Many homeowners use their garage doors as front doors, which means their garage door openers are doing a lot of heavy lifting on a daily basis. That heavy lifting, in turn, means that the openers will require proactive maintenance to continue operating as desired. Does your garage door opener need maintenance? If so, how often should you get your door opener inspected? Here’s a look at answers to those questions — plus more. (more…) Read more