Garage Doors

If you’re looking for a new garage door in the greater Seattle area, the only name you need to know is DistribuDoors. DistribuDoors has been installing garage door after garage door in Seattle for over thirty years and we have plenty of satisfied customers to prove it.

We offer the best brands when it comes to garage doors, including Clopay®, America’s Favorite Garage Door, as well as Northwest Door, Wayne Dalton and others. Whether you need a garage door in Seattle for your residential property or you’re looking for a commercial garage door, we’ve got enough inventory and variety at our warehouse to get you exactly what you need.

Residential Garage Doors in Greater Seattle

When it comes to residential garage doors, there are a number of factors to consider. Price, naturally, is one consideration. DistribuDoors prides itself on offering quality garage doors that are affordably priced.

Style is also an important consideration. Remember that your garage door is an extension of the exterior of your home, so you want a garage door that matches your overall exterior home décor. For example, a farmhouse style or Victorian style home might call for a carriage house-style garage door, while more modern architecture might go better with a more contemporary paneled steel door.

You’ll also want to consider material. Are you someone for whom only the classic look and feel of wood will do? Or do you prefer the low-maintenance and high durability of steel? Or perhaps you want something in between — maybe a composite steel door with a beautiful, natural wood finish.

Then there’s insulation to think about. An insulated door is costlier, but it’s also more durable and can save you a considerable amount of money on energy costs.

Whatever you decide is the best residential door for you, DistribuDoors can help you find it. And if you’re having trouble deciding, try our garage door visualizer to get a clear sense of what our door will look like on your garage.

Commercial Garage Doors for Seattle Businesses

When it comes to commercial garage doors, you will have very different priorities and needs than you might have for residential doors. Fortunately, DistribuDoors is well-equipped to meet those needs. We have rolling steel and sectional Clopay® doors to fit your commercial property.

Commercial garage doors need to be more durable than a standard residential garage door, as they’re likely to have to stand up to a lot more punishment. Inventory falling into your door, vehicle impacts and other damage is far more likely. You’ll also probably be using your commercial door a lot more, with many more cycles of your door going up and down than in a residential situation.

Besides durability, considerations to take into account with a commercial door include whether or not you need the door to be insulated to protect your inventory or warehouse workers and, if so, how much and how much visibility you want your door to allow. Some of the garage door choices we offer at DistribuDoor to help you accommodate your business needs include:

  • Standard Steel Door: We offer 20-guage and 24-gauge non-insulated steel doors that can stand up to tough conditions and are built to last a long time. If a lighter-gauge door is sufficient for your needs, we offer an economical 25-guage, non-insulated steel door as well.
  • Two- or Three-Layer Insulated Door: An insulated door can provide many useful benefits. They are stronger and help prevent heat from entering or escaping, depending on the season. DistribuDoors offers economical two-layer insulated doors or three-layer sandwich doors with high R-value and the strength of two steel skins bonded to an insulated core.
  • Full View Aluminum Doors: These doors allow complete visibility and are useful for industries where having your business on display and allowing a lot of light in are desirable. These tough and attractive doors can come as sectional doors with specific glazed areas and are well-suited for businesses like service stations, fire stations, car washes, retail establishments and more.
  • Fire Doors: Your DistribuDoors professional can mount an energy-efficient, reliable and durable fire door on concrete, gypsum board walls, structural steel and more, and these doors close automatically after you activate them in an emergency situation.

Order Your New Garage Door in the Greater Seattle Area From DistribuDoors Today

A new garage door is an expense that people often put off, but there’s no reason to do so. If the garage door isn’t working the way it should, it can present both safety and security issues. Even if your garage door is still functioning, a brand-new garage door can brighten the look of your entire home, improving curb appeal and potentially boosting property values, as well as giving you and your family a great feeling whenever you look at it.

Similarly, waiting on purchasing a new commercial garage door for your business can be a costly decision. A poor-quality garage door can be dangerous and hurt sales, while a high-quality commercial garage door sends a message to workers, customers and partners alike that you take your business and your property seriously, and that it’s safe for them to do the same.

To find out more about our residential and commercial garage door offerings, or to schedule an appointment for a new garage door installation, contact DistribuDoors online right now.