Wood-Look Garage Doors

Wood-Look Garage Doors in Seattle

Here in the Seatle area, we love our wood-look garage doors more than any other place in the country. The wooden look of our faux wood garage doors combined with the durability of steel and composite garage doors gives homeowners the best of both worlds. Our Clopay® Wood-Look garage doors come in countless grains, finishes, and stains, providing homeowners with a custom wood garage door look. These wood-look garages doors match well with many popular home styles in the Seattle area including, bungalows, craftsman, cabins, and more. If you are interested in a wood-look garage door, contact our garage door design specialist

FAQs on Wood-Look Garage Doors

What are wood-look garage doors made of?

Wood-look garage doors are built on a durable steel base and are covered with stunning wood-look composite overlays that look and feel like real wood while providing durability and low-maintenance like that of steel garage doors.

What is the cost of a wood-look garage door?

The cost of wood-look garage doors is probably less then you think.  Solid wood garage doors are very expensive garage doors and run the risk of rotting in damp climates like the Seattle area. Wood-look garage doors on the other hand, since they are not solid wood and built on a steel frame, are less expensive than solid wood garage doors and provide better durability and lower maintenance and care.

How do you care for and maintain a wood-look garage door?

Caring for a faux wood garage door is easy! Since the wood-look features of the door are made from composite materials there is very little maintenance needed.  The Clopay® wood-looks door features the same low-maintenance and durability of any other steel and composite garage door on the market.

What is the lifespan of a wood-look garaged door?

Since our wood-look garage door are made from durable composite overlays and steel frames, they have a long lifespan and can be a 15 to 20 year or more investment and stunning exterior feature for any homeowner.

Are wood-look garage doors insulated?

Unlike solid wood garage doors, our wood-look garage doors come with several options for insulation, which in the Seatle are can help to protect your garage door, home and lower your heating and cooling bills. Our faux wood garage doors can be insulated with Clopay's industry-leading Intellicore® insulation. Most of these doors can come with a 2, 3 and 4 layer Intellicore® options.

What house styles do wood-look garage doors look good with?

With numerous custom design options, these wood-look garage doors can match well with many different homes and provide homeowners with a custom wood door look. Wood-look doors can look especially stunning with bungalow, craftsman, cabins, mid-century, cottages, ranches and many other popular Seattle area home styles

Do I need a heavier-duty opener for a wood-look garage door?

Unlike heavy solid wood garage doors, since wood-look garage doors are built on a steel frame they are far less heavy. Therefore in most cases, a heavier-duty opener is not necessary. For exact opener requirements check with door garage door experts by contacting us online or with a quick call

What colors and stains are available in the wood-look garage doors?

There are many stain and color options for our wood-look garage doors. Our most popular stains and finishes include walnut, dark, medium, slate, whitewash, and primed.  On top of stains and finishes, there are numerous door design, window inserts, and hardware options to choose from.