The Ultimate Guide to Modern Garage Doors

Modern Garage Doors

Modern Garage Doors

If you've ever been to the Space Needle, you've experienced modern architectural style. Built in the early 1960s, this iconic Seattle structure was designed to reflect modernist principles of form and function. It was only possible due to modern building materials like steel, glass and concrete. Not every modern building is designed to represent the space age. Modern architecture celebrates simplicity and the natural environment, following the guiding principle of "form follows function." Its clean lines, neutral colors and natural textures make modern design a timeless fit for many homeowners today. Adding a modern garage door to your home can shift the focus away from individual elements so your home can be seen as a whole. Modern garage doors work well with several styles, including mid-century modern, modern farmhouse and contemporary designs. Learn more to discover if a modern garage door is the perfect fit to elevate your home's style.

Modern Architecture: An Overview

Architecture defines how people interact with space daily. For centuries, architecture was extremely ornamental — what might now be described as "maximalist." In the early 1900s, art schools like the Bauhaus in Germany began experimenting with form to see what new shapes art and architecture could create. Access to new materials also impacted the modernist style. Concrete, steel and glass became available in larger quantities, so buildings could be constructed differently and more quickly than before. While some modern architects focused on simplicity for mass housing, others experimented with unique shapes.

Characteristics of Modern Homes

Today, modern homes often have the following features:
  • Large windows
  • Split-level design
  • Low, straight lines
  • Geometric patterns
  • Neutral color palette
  • Flat or low-profile roofs
  • A minimalist, industrial feel
Modern homes stand out because of their shape and materials. They are often designed to blend into the background, but their sharp lines and walls of glass often provide contrast with nature. As the famous architect Le Corbusier once said, modernist homes are "a machine for living in." Key Design Characteristics of Modern Garage Doors

Key Design Characteristics of Modern Garage Doors

Garage doors typically cover a large surface area, either on the front or side of your home. Because these doors take up so much space, the style you choose can completely change the look and feel of your property. Modern garage doors use geometric lines and textures to add character to your home. Here are a few common characteristics of modern garage doors:
  • Sleek lines
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Rows of windows
  • Geometric patterns
  • Wood, steel, aluminum and glass materials
The modern style uses sharp lines to define space. While some modern garage doors are almost entirely panes of glass, others eliminate windows altogether for a sleek look reminiscent of a blank slate. When mixed with steel, wooden panels create a warmer feel.

Pairing Modern Garage Doors With Exterior Design Styles

Adding a modern garage door to your home can enhance its modern design or change the tone of another style. Modern garage doors pair well with mid-century modern, farmhouse modern and contemporary architectural styles.

Mid-Century Modern

This type of architectural design grew out of the modernist movement. Mid-century modern buildings follow the same principles of linear lines, geometric shapes and a connection with nature. Where modern architecture is very minimalistic, mid-century modern style includes bold, decorative accents. Brightly-colored textiles, plastic-molded furniture and cone-shaped lighting are all hallmarks of mid-century modern style. Similar to modernism, mid-century modern homes aim for simplicity and a sense of artistic freedom in both their architecture and interior design. If your home reflects mid-century modern shapes and materials, modern garage doors will fit seamlessly into its architectural design. The austerity and polish of mid-century modern garage doors will create a neutral background so you can highlight other areas of your home's exterior, like its shape or location.

Farmhouse Modern

Farmhouse modern style combines warmth and charm with the clean lines and industrial feel of modern architecture. It's become increasingly popular over the last several years. Many homes built in this style are white with black roofs, shutters and doors. A few hallmarks of farmhouse modern architecture include:
  • Spacious porches
  • Warm wood elements
  • A-shaped or gabled roofs
  • Contrasting exterior colors
  • Bright, open interior spaces
If your home is built with a farmhouse modern architectural style, modern farmhouse garage doors can add to the streamlined aesthetic. They can add a block of contrasting color, bring interest with geometric shapes or create warmth with finished wood tones.


Although the terms modern and contemporary might sound interchangeable, they're very different. Contemporary architecture refers to whatever is popular right now, so as a design style, it's constantly changing. Because many features of modern architecture are still popular, modern design features are sometimes called contemporary. Minimalism, green building practices and diverse materials are a few aspects of contemporary architectural style. Just like with modern architecture, contemporary architecture is influenced and shaped by the culture of its time. Many contemporary architects are embracing sustainable design, working to reduce energy consumption and using more organic materials. The increased connectivity of the world has also allowed new ideas to travel quickly. As architects continue to innovate, contemporary design will continue to change and reflect the spirit of the times. However, due to the popularity of modernism, modern contemporary garage doors will stand the test of time in your home. Types of Modern Garage Doors

Types of Modern Garage Doors

The best kind of modern garage door for your home depends on the overall style and the tone you want to set for your house's exterior. Because garage doors cover so much surface area, changing your doors can change the look of your whole home. Updated garage doors are a great way to invest in your home's value while giving your curb appeal a facelift. Here's more about the different types of modern garage doors so you can choose the style that best compliments your home.


When you choose steel garage doors, you make an investment that will last a long time. In addition to their streamlined style and smooth finish, they're extremely strong and will hold up well to changing weather. We offer two Clopay® collections of modern steel doors — Modern Steel™ and Modern Tech™ doors. Clopay steel doors come in various color finishes, including black, gray and a warm brown that resembles wood. They can be designed with or without linear texture to complement the existing lines in your home. We also offer many window installation options, ranging in size, shape and symmetry. While some people prefer the bold look of windows running in a vertical column down one side of their garage doors, others want symmetrical or horizontal window displays.

Aluminum Frame With Glass or Acrylic Panels

A striking element of modern architecture is the large panes of glass architects incorporate into building designs. Today, modern glass garage doors still evoke the classic feel of modern design. We offer two Clopay models that celebrate this type of garage door design — Avante® and Model 8800. These models combine glass with a strong aluminum frame. In the evening, these panes show light from the inside, adding architectural interest to your home's facade. Depending on how much privacy you would like, you can choose clear or frosted glass. Our aluminum frames come in several finishes — including clear, white, bronze and black — so you can easily match the aesthetic of your home.

Faux Wood

When you choose this design material, you can add warmth to your home's exterior. Wooden garage doors work well with design styles that incorporate natural materials, including mid-century modern and farmhouse modern. Modern faux wood garage doors are typically less expensive and often easier to maintain than real wood. With the proper care, they can last for years, elevating your home without requiring the same investment that wooden garage doors require. Clopay's Canyon Ridge® Modern doors are available in several styles, both with and without windows. When you partner with us, we can help you add texture, warmth and style to your home with a faux wood garage door — all at an affordable cost.


While faux wooden doors are affordable, wooden doors will last longer with the proper care. We offer several natural wood tones to match your home. These real wood garage doors come with or without windows, depending on the style you choose. We offer several different finishing options, including wood stains, primer or white paint. When you incorporate our wooden garage doors into your home, you'll add clean linear lines and natural materials that perfectly suit a modern style. Clopay's Reserve® Wood Modern collection is handcrafted so you can enjoy the natural beauty of wood in your home. Because these modern wood garage doors are available in so many different finishes, you can turn them into an accent feature or blend them seamlessly into the overall architectural design. Modern Garage Door Cost Factors

Modern Garage Door Cost Factors

The total cost for a new garage door depends on several factors, like the size of the door and what materials you choose. Insulation, security features and whether you have to build the garage first can also add to the cost. Here are a few things to consider when planning for the cost of your garage door:


Clopay doors are available in several materials, including steel, aluminum and glass, faux wood and wood. When materials are high quality, they last longer and require less repair over their lifetime. However, high-quality materials usually cost more than other options. When it comes to your garage door, you want materials that will keep your home secure and protected from harsh weather conditions. You'll also want to consider the aesthetic impact — the color, texture and finish. Ultimately, the best material for your garage doors depends on your preferences and budget. Make the best investment you can afford, and you'll be able to enjoy your garage door for years to come.

Size and Design

Another factor to consider is size. If you have a single-car garage, fewer materials are needed to build your garage door than a double door. However, the cost of labor may be similar since a similar amount of work and planning goes into crafting your door. If you're updating a two-car garage door or a set of multiple matching garage doors, the cost will be higher. The best way to plan for this cost is to contact the company you're working with. Sometimes, larger orders can be streamlined to save you some money. Design is another factor in the cost of your garage doors. If you want to include multiple windows or choose a complicated design, it may take longer and cost more to create your doors. Some designs may also require more materials or expensive combinations of materials.


Your garage door's insulation matters since you're effectively turning an entire wall into an entrance to your home. If garage doors aren't insulated well, they can allow exterior temperatures inside and impact your home energy costs. Without the proper insulation, the equipment and vehicles you store in your garage can also be affected by extreme temperatures. Investing in quality insulation now will save you later on energy costs and better protect the items you're storing in your garage. High-quality garage doors are built with seals around the sides and floor to help reduce temperature exchange when the doors are closed. In addition, insulation materials help the garage door itself act as a temperature barrier and maintain the temperature inside your garage.

Additional Security Features

Many homeowners are concerned about making their garage doors as safe and secure as possible. Garage doors are already equipped with an emergency door release that allows you to open the door even when the electricity is out. Disconnecting the automatic opener also means repairs and maintenance can be done without the risk of the door closing. However, you can also invest in additional safety features like smart locks, security lighting and a strong entry door from the garage into your home. Investing in a high-quality door is itself a security feature since strong materials are harder to breach or damage. The security features you choose will also impact the total cost of your garage door. If you're on a budget for your new doors, this isn't the best place to cut costs. It's worthwhile to ensure your home is secure, even if that means changing your garage door's design. Choose DistribuDoors for Your Seattle Home's Modern Garage Doors

Choose DistribuDoors for Your Seattle Home's Modern Garage Doors

If you're looking for high-quality garage doors with a modern feel, consider choosing DistribuDoors. A beautiful garage door can add value to your home and improve your daily living experience. Our doors come with a wide range of options in materials, finishes and design aesthetics. Whether your home is modern, mid-century modern, farmhouse modern or contemporary, our modern garage doors can blend seamlessly into your home's exterior while elevating its overall design. Clopay products are all the highest quality, combining superior construction with long-lasting materials and a weather-sealed design. We operate throughout the Seattle area, serving many locations in both King and Pierce counties. If you're looking for high-quality, functional garage doors with customizable finishes, you've come to the right place. Contact us today to request an estimate for your home!