Can I Replace just a Panel or Section of my Garage Door?

Yes. If the model of your garage door is still in production you can purchase a single panel/section to replace a damaged portion of your door. All garage door brands are built differently, they do not all fit together. You will need the same brand and same model as your current door. pics-001The first step whenever your garage door is damaged, if possible, is to safely close it and keep it closed. Do not continue to operate the door, it may cause more damage. If the door does not close you may need to call a garage door technician to come out and get it closed for you. A service fee will apply. Once your door is safely closed search the inside ... Read more

Will replacing my garage door increase my home’s value?

Every year Remodeling Magazine releases a report showing the Cost vs. Value of a homeowner’s remodeling projects. The goal of this report is to show which home improvement projects gain you more value compared to the other home upgrade options for your specific region. If you are looking to increase the resale value of your home this report will help determine where your money is more wisely spent. They have separated their data to show how midrange projects may differ from upscale projects. The type of home you have and the type of upgrade you are planning can affect the percentage of the cost that is recouped in the value of your home.Property-Value...						<a href=Read more

Garage Door Springs – Hardworking and Underrated

The truth is, if a quality garage door is installed by an experienced professional, the average homeowner will rarely deal with an issue with their garage door. Annual maintenance will help ensure this, whether done by a professional or by the homeowner. So when a customer calls us about a garage door being stuck or having a hard time operating smoothly, it is quite common that they are completely unaware that there are springs on their garage door at all. They just haven’t really paid much attention to how it works as long as it is working. To them the garage door opener is in charge of opening the door and closing it. If the power is out, they open it manually and think nothing of it. But in reality, your garage door is a very heavy and dangerous, typically wood or steel, object... Read more

Garage Door Weather Seal

It’s that time of the year. The weather is changing and the insects, rodents, and other critters are seeking warmer temperatures. Often inside our homes. A garage door can make your home easily accessible to small creatures if not well maintained. Checking your weather stripping regularly and repairing it as needed can reduce this issue. CLOPAY-GARAGE-DOOR-SEALYour garage door should have vinyl or rubber seal (astragal) connected to the bottom of the door (in a metal retainer). If your concrete slab is uneven often a larger piece of rubber will be needed in order to complete the seal. It is best if your door... Read more

Insulated Garage Door vs. Non-Insulated Garage Door

When choosing a new garage door most people’s first decision is how they want their door to look. But equally important is what’s on the inside. How your door is built, if it has insulation and what type of insulation affects the longevity of your investment. Where the door is and how often it is going to be used are important factors when deciding which door is best for your space. Clopay’s line of residential steel doors comes in 1, 2, and 3 layer options. The 1 layer door (Value Series) is a basic frame with a stamped steel face. These doors are affordable and look great. They are often used on garages with minimum use and minimum traffic. The 2 layer door (Value Plus Series) is the same as the 1 layer with a polystyrene foam insulation sandwiched between the steel face and ... Read more