Why is Clopay’s Gold Bar Hardware Better?


Most people don’t realize just how many moving parts a garage door has to make it work. There are tracks, rollers, springs, cables, drums, hinges, and more. Garage doors weigh on average 200 – 300 lbs. With all these parts working to operate the largest moving part of your home you want something that will last and be safe.

Clopay’s Gold Bar option provides an opportunity to go from industry standard to superior quality hardware for your door. This includes an upgrade from a 3 year hardware warranty to a lifetime warranty.

Springs are probably the most important part of any garage door system. Industry standard springs will last approximately 10,000 cycles (opening and closing your door). Gold Bar means you get a 20,000 cycle spring. This doubles the life of your spring and given that a typical spring replacement will cost you about $200 makes the upgrade more than worth it.

clopay-warrant-logoAlso, a garage door usually has at least 9 hinges and 16 rollers. Industry standard gives you 18 gauge steel hinges and basic nylon rollers. Gold Bar includes an upgrade to 14 gauge commercial grade hinges and nylon ball bearing rollers.

There are so many reasons we choose Clopay Garage Doors and are proud to be Master Authorized Dealers. Gold Bar Hardware is just one reason that Clopay Garage Doors is the best option for your home.