Do I Need Annual Maintenance for My Garage Door?

Garage doors accumulate wear and tear over the years, as most people open and close them several times a day. Just like any other part of the home, they will age and require maintenance over time. These doors are large, expensive pieces of equipment with several moving parts, and yet they’re one of the most neglected household appliances.

Leading experts make it clear that annual garage door maintenance services can provide anybody with a variety of benefits.

What Happens During an Annual Maintenance Checkup?

The maintenance checkup starts with an inspection. An experienced professional will check for any damage or issues you may have missed during your quick weekly inspections. They look for debris along the tracks, scratches, and dings along the door, rust on any of the parts, or any other wear or damage on the door, springs, bearings, cables, rollers, hinges or other hardware.

If the tracks need realignment or adjustments, it’ll happen during your annual maintenance. Your garage door opener will be inspected and the expert will check your door’s balance to make sure the springs and other parts work properly. Any parts that need repair or replacement can be ordered and taken care of to prevent more serious issues in the future. Then, every part that needs lubrication will receive the proper care to keep your garage door running smoothly for another year.

Problems Prevented With Regular Maintenance:

  • Wasted money: In the long run, you can save a lot of money by opting into annual garage door maintenance services. If you let your garage door go without inspections and care, small and inexpensive issues can easily become much bigger problems that potentially force you to replace the entire system down the line. Garage door lifespans increase with annual maintenance since rust, deterioration and wear and tear can be significantly reduced.
  • Unsafe home: Garage doors cause thousands of injuries every year. They have many components, some of which can quickly become sharp or otherwise dangerous when broken. The doors are also heavy, and if a part becomes damaged or worn out, they can come crashing down unexpectedly on whoever or whatever is nearby.
  • Unwanted noise: When parts are worn out or damaged, garage doors often start making loud noises that can come from any one of the parts. With proper lubrication and maintenance, the system will stay quiet so you don’t have to worry about waking or bothering people in or around your household.
  • Seasonal stress: It’s easy to schedule your annual garage door maintenance during temperate seasons so you don’t have to deal with the possibility of being stuck outside on extremely hot or cold days with a faulty door to blame.

Call DistribuDoors for Your Scheduled Annual Maintenance Service

It’s important that you find professionals you trust to complete your annual garage door maintenance services. At DistribuDoors, instead of subcontractors, we use trained and certified employees with cleared background checks. You can be confident that we’ll complete your inspection and maintenance right, on-time and at an affordable rate.

Keep your garage door running smoothly all year long. Contact us to schedule your annual appointment!