Why the Garage Door Won’t Stay Closed

Our garage doors provide us with a great deal of convenience and add a layer of security to our homes. We often take these crucial doors for granted and don’t realize it until the system breaks. When your garage door system has problems, it can cause a huge disruption in your daily routine. Garage doors not closing properly can create a safety concern and cause feelings of unease.

If your garage door won’t stay closed, or when the garage door goes down and then back up, you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Below, we’ll talk about some of the potential reasons your garage door is not closing and staying closed as it should.

What Causes a Garage Door Not to Stay Down?

A number of possibilities may explain why your garage door is not closing correctly. If your door won’t close, checking for some of these possibilities can help you find the cause of the problem. When you know what the cause is, you can fix it much faster. The following are some of the parts of your garage door system that may be to blame for the issue:

  • Tracks: When the garage door opens and closes, it runs along metal tracks. If the alignment is off by even a little bit or the tracks are broken, the door may not shut properly.
  • Limit settings: This setting tells the garage door when it’s fully opened and when it’s fully shut. If the door touches down on the ground while thinking it’s not fully shut, it will assume there’s an obstacle in its path.
  • Photo eye: This part of the garage door shoots a beam under the door. If anything interrupts this beam, the door will not fully shut as a safety mechanism. If the beams are off or something is actually blocking the door, it won’t close the whole way.

Even if you find that one of these system parts is the problem, you’ll likely need the help of a professional to get the door working properly again. Many of these causes need mechanical work to get the door opening and closing again as it should.

Why Does My Garage Door Randomly Open?

Sometimes when the door shuts and stays down, it opens again, seemingly without a cause. While this process isn’t as common, there’s an explanation.

Garage door openers operate on a frequency that gets transmitted from the opener to the mechanism itself. Sometimes, the opener of a garage door in your neighborhood can get onto that same frequency. Then, when your neighbor opens their garage door, yours opens too — your neighbor may not even realize what they’re doing. This issue has a pretty simple fix. You just have to reprogram your garage door opener so that it’s on a different frequency again. Then, your door won’t open when your neighbor opens their door.

If your garage door isn’t opening properly, whether it won’t stay shut or has another problem, call a local expert you can trust. Choose DistribuDoors for all of your garage door repair and maintenance needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services or schedule an appointment.