Garage Doors Coming off Their Track

Of the many problems you may encounter with your garage door over its life, one you might not be prepared for is a broken garage door track or a garage door that has come off the track.

How do you know if this has happened? The door will look off-kilter and probably do nothing more than make a grinding noise and shudder a little bit if you try to open or close it. This is a problem you want to avoid and one to address immediately if it occurs.

How Does It Happen?

A broken garage door track doesn’t just happen. There are reasons behind it. In fact, there are four main reasons for a garage door track problem, and your situation will almost certainly fall within one of them:

  1. A Hit to the Garage Door

The most commonly cited reason for a garage door jumping its tracks is that something hits the door. Your garage door system is a delicate mechanism, and any significant impact is enough to knock the door off of its tracks.

This might happen if you accidentally bump the door with your car. Additionally, something like a bike or a tree hitting the door and even severe weather can be enough to dislodge the door from its tracks.

  1. Tracks Not Properly Aligned

It’s possible that your door may come off the tracks even without an impact or with only a very slight one if the tracks are not aligned correctly. It is crucial for the effectiveness of your garage door system that the horizontal tracks be parallel and perfectly aligned with the vertical rails.

A common way your garage door may come out of alignment is if the bolts on the bracket holding the horizontal tracks come loose. If these bolts are not tight enough, the bracket may wobble due to door vibrations or minor impacts, eventually altering the alignment enough that the rollers can jump the tracks.

  1. Years of Wear and Tear

Your garage door is a complex mechanism, and like any such mechanism, its parts will wear out over time no matter what you do. The more worn out various components are, the harder the system has to work.

Eventually, if a part isn’t strong enough or if it breaks, the rest of the system may not be strong enough to keep the door’s rollers properly connected to the track.

  1. Broken Cables or Rollers

Naturally, for your garage door to effectively roll along its track, your garage door rollers need to be in good condition. If a roller breaks, it makes it much easier for the others to jump the track.

Additionally, having fewer than the full number of functioning rollers can bend the rails, pulling the door out of alignment and creating another opportunity for the door to come off the track.

The lift cables are another crucial part when it comes to keeping your garage door aligned. If one breaks, the result will be to transfer all the weight of the door to the other side, unbalancing the door and making it simple for it to jump the track.

What to Do

What can you do about a garage door that’s off track? There isn’t much more you can do but hire a professional to get it realigned. It is highly inadvisable that you attempt to fix a garage door by yourself, as garage doors are extremely heavy and you could easily injure yourself.

Trust DistribuDoors for Your Garage Door Maintenance

You can make it less likely that your garage door will jump the track in the first place by scheduling regular garage door maintenance with DistribuDoors. We can do a full maintenance inspection that includes making sure your door is in alignment and checking for any worn out or broken parts that need replacing. We can also find and remove any other issues that might cause your door to jump the track, like dirt or debris on the tracks or in the rollers.

For a free estimate on garage door maintenance or any other garage door service in the Seattle area, contact us today.