Are Garage Doors Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

If you’ve ever filed a claim with your homeowners insurance company, you know how important this coverage is. When an accident or another type of damage occurs that’s covered by homeowners insurance, the coverage can be an absolute lifesaver. Paying out of pocket to fix problems with a home can easily exceed an available budget.

Like any type of insurance, with homeowners insurance, certain things are covered, and others that are not. If your garage door gets damaged, you may be wondering if you can file a claim with your insurance company. Navigating insurance issues can be a little tricky sometimes, and that’s why we want to help make the process a bit easier. Below are some questions you may be asking yourself about filing an insurance claim for garage doors.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover a Broken Garage Door?

There isn’t actually a straightforward, yes or no answer to this question. Some accidents are covered by homeowners insurance while others aren’t, so you’ll need to know some information. First, you should check your coverage before filing your claim. Two different homeowners insurance policies may not cover the same damage to your garage door because of the differences between the policies. One person with broken garage door in Seattle may pay more per month to get fuller coverage, or maybe the company offers a greater variety of coverage.

Certain types of events may be covered by your homeowners insurance. In the case of an accident that was completely out of your control, like a hit-and-run, storm or vandalism, you can file a claim and get some help fixing the damages.

If an accident was your fault or someone else’s, or if the damage is just from normal wear and tear, your claim will most likely be rejected. As a homeowner, you do have to cover the maintenance and repair for your home out of pocket in such a case. Insurance companies take the responsibility of a homeowner to take care of their own home into account with their policies.

Even though some of these types of accidents may not be covered by your homeowners insurance company, they could be covered by a different kind of insurance.

Does Car Insurance Cover Hitting a Garage Door?

If you or someone else damages your garage door with a car, you may be able to file a claim with your auto insurance company. Many of us have been there — a busy morning, we’re rushing out of our homes, and we’re feeling scatter-brained. Forgetting to open the garage door — and even backing right up into it — can happen. Or maybe you’re coming back home, the door isn’t opening as quickly as you guessed, and you scrape the bottom of it pulling into your garage. Accidents happen. That’s what insurance is for!

In one of these situations or any other that involves your car and damage to your garage door, you may be able to cover the costs to fix the door by filing an insurance claim. When your garage door gets damaged or broken, you’ll want to have it fixed as soon as possible. Choose DistribuDoors to take care of any of your Seattle area garage door repair and maintenance needs. Contact us to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.