Annual Garage Door Tune-up Service in Seattle

If you’ve ever had to deal with a broken garage door, you know it’s worth the investment for regular maintenance to avoid the hassle. As the most important point of entry into almost any home or business, the garage door on most structures opens and closes several times a day to let people in and out. Its functionality is crucial, and you can avoid major malfunctions by choosing a trustworthy annual garage door tune-up company in the Seattle region. At DistribuDoors, we’ve been fully satisfying customers in the area for more than 30 years.

Services Included in an Annual Tune-Up

Many people don’t think about how many moving parts operate in their garage door system for it to open and close smoothly. Keeping every component up-to-date and fully functional takes a lot of time and attention, and doing most of it yourself can prove to be extremely dangerous. The door is heavy, and different components have a lot of tension that could cause damage with the wrong move. Trust DistribuDoors professionals to complete a combination of the following tune-up services:

  • In-depth visual inspection: Our highly-trained technicians are never outsourced, which means we background check them ourselves and keep their certifications up-to-date. Because of this attention, each and every professional who works for us knows exactly what to look for during an inspection. They can check even hard-to-reach components like springs and cables for rust, fraying, gaps or other damage.
  • Alignment and balance checks: Your garage door needs to stay balanced to allow for smooth opening and closing and to prevent damage to the rest of the system. While realignment can be simple, finding out the underlying issue takes a certain level of expertise in many circumstances. Our technicians will perform a balance test and find out exactly what is going on with your door.
  • Safety feature tests: Openers on the market today come with a variety of safety features like auto-reversal that keep people and property around the door safe from hazard. Tune-ups ensure the safety features continue to operate properly.
  • Adjustments: As time passes, bolts, screws and hinges come loose on any garage door no matter how perfect installation was in the beginning. Cables lose tension, and weather-stripping becomes cracked and brittle with age. Small hardware misalignments can occur as well. With just a few minutes of work, our professionals perform adjustments that eliminate these problems and help your garage door continue at its best performance.
  • Lubrication: Every garage door, even wood ones, have metal parts like springs and rollers that move throughout the system when your garage door opens and closes. These parts require regular lubrication to keep from grinding, hindered movement or corrosion. Our team knows the right quantity, type and location for lubrication to make sure each part has what it needs.
  • Cleaning: Especially with the rollers and tracks of your garage door system, dirt and debris can accumulate and cause early wear and tear, limiting the life of your components and decreasing your door’s capability. During annual tune-ups, we’ll clean and clear the entire system to make sure there are no obstructions.
  • Repair and replacement recommendations: Throughout our inspection and services during your tune-up, we will take note of any components that could use repair or replacement. After diagnosis, we’ll give you our best recommendation and provide any additional services that you might need. You can easily schedule repairs online as well.

DistribuDoors: Seattle’s Annual Garage Door Tune-up Experts

When you choose DistribuDoors to complete your annual garage door tune-up services in Seattle, you’ll be getting quality customer service and workmanship that stands the test of time. Just a few of the key advantages we offer over our competitors include:

  • Low prices: We make sure our already-affordable prices beat the competition’s by offering a low price guarantee — bring us a written estimate from another company in the area, and we’ll beat it by 5%.
  • Honest estimates: You’ll never have to worry about a bill that surprises you with hidden fees after services are already complete. All you have to do is request a free estimate, and you’ll know exactly what to expect in terms of price.
  • Trustworthy credentials: We’re proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and rave reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List, and we strive to maintain that level of satisfaction in all of our customers.
  • Superior servicing capabilities: We’re an authorized Clopay® garage door installer, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know other brands. In fact, our technicians are trained to perform tune-ups, maintenance, repairs and replacements for most leading brands currently on the market, including CHI and Wayne Dalton among many others.
  • Enthusiasm: We have fully-equipped, repair-ready trucks available to bring us to your location for tune-ups or other services as quickly as possible. No more waiting around for service — count on us for speed and quality.

While many home and business owners in the greater Seattle area believe they don’t need to call a professional until they notice a problem with their garage door, the issues that can occur if you don’t opt for annual tune-up services aren’t worth the trouble. Natural wear and tear can lead you to need an entire system overhaul if it goes unattended for too long, significantly decreasing your garage door’s lifetime and costing you much more in the end. Instead, contact DistribuDoors for quick, quality tune-ups that keep your door in great shape for another year!