Product Highlight: Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors provide property owners with a wide range of benefits. Practical and attractive, a professionally installed steel garage door can add value to your home, refresh its appearance and make it more secure and energy-efficient.

They Love Bad Weather

Heavy rain, ice, humidity, snow, wind — it doesn’t matter. Steel garage doors are built to withstand the elements, which is why they’re a popular choice for property owners. You’ll avoid problems such as cracking, rotting and bowing and make rusting a thing of the past since a special coating eliminates it. With a little maintenance, your garage doors can look great and function perfectly year after year — no matter how much moisture, snow or ice our Pacific Northwest weather delivers.

They Conserve Energy

Steel garage doors aren’t made from a solid block of steel. Instead, our garage doors feature an insulated foam core and thermal adhesives. These features help keep the conditioned air you pay for where it belongs: inside. Do you have a room above your garage that’s consistently cold in the winter or too hot in the summer? Installing an insulated steel door may help since it will regulate the temperature inside your garage.

They’re Tough

Steel is an iron alloy noted for physical properties that make it a perfect material for construction. It’s extremely strong and durable, and as a result, steel garage doors offer excellent home security. A would-be intruder is more likely to avoid doors made from steel simply because they’re resistant to damage. That includes denting if you’re more concerned about basketballs and baseballs occasionally landing against the side of your home!

Steel’s toughness also makes these garage doors incredibly easy to maintain. Wiping down or power-washing your garage doors is just about all you’ll need to do to keep them looking good. Keeping the mechanical components lubricated will help keep them functioning properly too, meaning you’ll be able to use and enjoy your steel garage doors for years to come.

They’re Available in Every Style

For obvious reasons, the characteristics of steel garage doors make them an extremely popular choice for homeowners and property owners. That’s why steel doors come in a huge array of styles. You’ll find insulated doors in modern, classic and transitional looks as well as in single- and double-width sizing. You can also choose doors with and without glass and select grille styles and special features, such as seeding.

There are also several options for door hardware, and because these doors are paintable, you can customize the look of yours again and again — every time you update the look of your exterior, for instance.

You’ll be amazed at the difference brand new steel garage doors can make to the appearance, security and efficiency of your property. If you’re interested in learning more about how a steel garage door could benefit your home, get in touch with DistribuDoors. Our local experts can help you choose the door style that’s right for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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