Benefits of Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Updated: July 10th, 2019

You have to consider a lot of factors before you choose what garage door opener you want installed in your home. Residential belt drive garage door openers are one option that have gotten more popular over the years. They have several key characteristics that might convince you they’re the right choice for your garage.

How Does a Belt Drive Opener Work?

Belt drive openers are mounted on the ceiling of your garage in front of the door and operate using a trolley system. They use a belt often made of fiberglass, polyurethane or steel-reinforced rubber like that found in steel-belted tires. The belt operates along a rail to pull the door up.

These openers typically come in three different sizes: 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 horsepower. You can choose your size when you decide to install a belt drive opener based on the size and weight of the door you plan to install and how much power you think the opener needs to have.

Benefits of Belt Drive Opener

Here are some of the benefits of a belt drive garage door opener:

  • Smooth movement: As long as the opener and door components are properly maintained, the door will rise and lift smoothly without swaying, hesitating or vibrating when you use a belt drive opener. This is better for the opener because it allows for constant energy output without the potential for overloads. It’s also better for the door itself, which will move open and closed without force or shock.
  • Silent operation: Because of its smooth movement and softer belt, the residential belt drive opener is the quietest garage door opener on the market to date. It’s perfect for homes with many people or homes that have garage doors next to bedrooms or other units.
  • Better speed: While no garage door opens or closes particularly fast because high speeds could be dangerous, the belt opener does move with slightly more speed because it doesn’t jerk or bounce. It lowers about seven to eight inches per second and rises about 10 inches per second.
  • Superior strength and durability: While the belt isn’t as strong as the chains in chain belt openers, the steel reinforcement becomes useful in keeping the belt sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Potential for Customization: There are several options to choose from after you’ve decided on a belt drive garage door opener. With many models, you can choose whether you want exterior keyless entry, separate remote controls, keychain controls, in-house controls that raise and lower the door from your location, car controls or garage controls. The choices lead to a more user-friendly experience.
  • Lighting: Many garage owners choose to get single or double lights on their residential belt drive opener, up to 130 watts in the front and rear, to help with driving and parking the car.
  • Infrequent maintenance: Unlike chain drives, you won’t have to lubricate the belts in this opener type because they aren’t made of metal.
  • Easy Installation Process: All you have to do is get the measurements and the professionals can mount brackets and raise the opener into its proper place in no time. In addition to this simple installation, belt drive openers typically come with a quality warranty.
  • High Availability: Anywhere you can get home improvement products or garage doors, you can usually find belt drive garage door openers.

We’ve successfully installed countless residential belt drive garage door openers at DistribuDoors using our fully trained and certified employees. Contact us right away if you have questions or you’re ready to get your new opener ordered and installed!

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