Holiday Home Decorating – Garage Door Decor Completes the Look


Do you celebrate the holidays by decorating your home, inside and out? Don’t overlook one of the best display opportunities your home has to offer – your garage door!

A front or side facing garage door occupies a large portion of your home’s visual impact. As holiday visitors pull into your driveway, the garage door is likely their first welcoming impression. Why not make it fun and festive?

Holiday garage door decor does not need to be extravagant to be impressive. An elegant bow can highlight the natural beauty of your garage door. Garland on the coach lights or attractive planters with seasonal flowers can provide a lovely holiday framework for your garage door.

If you like to go big, and are thinking of something more elaborate, below are some easy tips to keep in mind, to make sure your holiday look comes together exactly as you envision it.

Remember to keep it functional

If you use your garage door regularly, you will need to decorate with low profile materials, so the door can easily open and close with spoiling the look of your decorations, or worse, causing damage or mechanical problems.

If you are covering the door, remember to apply decorations in sections, to accommodate the movement of the door.  If you decorate your garage door with lights, run them around the frame of the door, so they are visible but out of the way when you open and close the door.


Use weather-resistant materials
A quality, sturdy plastic ribbon will retain its look in the harshest conditions, but look virtually the same as a fabric ribbon to the passerby.

Make sure all of your decorations are securely attached to the garage door or coach lights, so they can stand up to surly wind gusts, ice and snow.
Choose the best options for your particular garage door
What is your garage door made of? Magnets can be used to secure decorations to a steel door. If you have a plastic or wood door, adhesive tapes can be used, but be mindful of protecting your garage door’s finish when it is time for removal.  Vinyl cling decals can be a great option, and are available in a wide range of creative options.

Are you reluctant to apply decorations to your garage door, but would still like to dress up the space? Consider an outdoor projector to display a bright and beautiful holiday image, using you garage door as the big screen. Have fun and happy decorating!

P.S. The holidays cause unexplainable events! If anything crazy happens to your garage door this season, remember to call DistribuDoors for a quick fix. No questions asked.