Replacing Individual Panels on Your Garage

Damage to your residential garage door can happen in an instant. You may start pulling out of your garage before the door has finished opening, or a child could accidentally throw a baseball into the door, denting a panel. If the damage is minimal, you may consider letting the panel remain damaged without doing anything. Unfortunately, the damage is likely to worsen with time, and a small problem could turn into a big one before you know it.

Things to Know in This Article:

Can you perform a garage door panel replacement, or do you need to get the entire door replaced? The good news is, you can buy individual garage door panels for most doors and replace them without the expense of purchasing new garage doors. Learn more below about how to replace your panels and what you need to know to find the right fit.

What Do You Need to Replace a Garage Door Panel?

To replace a single garage door panel, you’ll need to know several things about your door, including:

  • Dimensions of the panel
  • Model
  • Exact color
  • Which section is damaged, such as the bottom, middle or top

How can you get this information? Look for the serial number on your door, then contact the manufacturer to request it. If you purchased your doors from DistribuDoors, call our office at 206-443-1640, and we can look this information up.

How Can You Buy Replacement Panels for Garage Doors?

Once you’ve contacted a reputable garage door repair company, you’ll be able to purchase the materials you need and schedule a time to get your repairs. DistribuDoors offers panel repair service to anyone, even if we didn’t install your doors.

While you can buy the garage door panels yourself, we do not recommend attempting a DIY installation. Springs cause tension in the panels, which are also very heavy. An inexperienced person could get injured trying to do the replacement by themselves. They could also cause permanent damage to the garage door. Rather than risking it, reach out to a repair service company right away to install your new panel.

Do You Need to Replace Your Garage Doors?

Purchasing replacement panels for your garage door may not be the best solution. If the damage on a panel is due to age, the entire door will likely suffer the same issues within a short period, and you’ll waste money by replacing one panel and then having to replace the whole door shortly after.

Likewise, if you have several panels that need to be replaced, buying new doors is a better long-term solution. Sagging panels and cracked or peeling paint that remains an issue despite regular maintenance also signal the need for new doors.

Do you need repairs on your garage doors? If so, DistribuDoors can help. We provide repair services to customers throughout the greater Seattle area. Thinking you might go with replacement instead of repair? We also sell Clopay® garage doors with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. We’ll better any competitors’ deals submitted in writing by five percent, so contact us today to request repair service or get a free installation estimate on new doors.