How to Help Prevent Garage Break-Ins

Garage doors add a great deal of character to our homes and convenience to our daily lives, but they can also serve as an entry point for burglars.

You can prevent this from happening, however, by proactively taking steps to protect your belongings and family.

4 Tips to Help Prevent Garage Break-Ins

Here are four tips to reduce the chances burglars will gain access to your home through your garage door.

1. Get a Quality Garage Door

High-quality garage doors don’t just look good. They can also help protect your family. That’s because the materials used to manufacture these doors are heavier and more sturdy than cheaper garage doors.

Ideally, to prevent break-ins, you’d want to have a garage door that is is so heavy that burglars find it inconvenient to try to break or create an opening. The more inconvenient it is, the less likely they will continue trying to get it open. Also, the longer it takes them to gain access, the more likely a neighbor might catch a glimpse of what is going on and alert you.

Two of the sturdiest materials garage doors can be made out of are wood and steel. Both of these types of garage doors have multiple layers. That means a potential burglar would have to get through multiple layers of wood or multiple layers of steel before they could break in.

2. Get a Smart Opener With a Rolling Code

Garage door opening systems that are a couple of years old or outdated most likely use a simple code system. Even though it may be easy to think this type of system offers protection and security, often they don’t because they just use one fixed code. Burglars can easily break into these dated systems by using a simple code grabber — sometimes even gaining access within just a few short minutes.

Rolling codes are commonly found in automatic and smart garage door openers, and they work differently than simple code systems. They are not as easy to hack because the codes rotate, or roll, through about one million codes. Each time you open and close your garage door, the code rotates again, and the previous one is useless. That means if a criminal is trying to gain access, their chances of finding the right code are very slim.

In addition to providing you with rolling codes, smart openers also offer other layers of protection — such as being able to open or close your garage door right from your phone even when you’re gone and setting automatic timers for your door’s operation.

3. Use Frosted Glass on Any Garage Door Window

While garage windows may add a lot of natural light, especially if you do a lot of DIY projects in your garage, they can be another entry point for burglars. They also allow potential burglars to easily peek inside and see what you have stored in your garage. If you have tools, expensive equipment or other valuable items, you don’t want criminals seeing them.

To add privacy, you can replace the glass in your garage windows with frosted glass. This blocks the view and prevents burglars from being able to peer inside.

4. Lock Garage Doors When Away for Extended Periods

You’d never think of leaving your front door unlocked — especially if you were going away on vacation — but what about your garage door? Even if you have a high-quality garage door or a security system, it is always best practice to lock it to add another layer of protection.

You can lock your garage door with the deadbolt found on the inside of your door. When you deadbolt it, the garage door will be locked into its tracks. This will help keep your home safe and secure when you are away for extended periods.

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