Garage Door Opener Repair Service in Seattle

When you use the garage door at your home or business throughout the day, you probably don’t stop to think about how many moving parts have to operate perfectly for the door to open and close. Even small issues can hinder the door’s function entirely, throwing off your day, week or month depending on the extent of the damage and how important the door is to your overall lifestyle. Luckily, DistribuDoors is a garage door opener repair company in Seattle that can fix any damages to one of the most crucial parts of the system — the opener.

Why Is the Opener So Important?

While having the perfect door for your property is essential to your productivity and, if you’re a business owner, profitability, having the right opener is just as crucial. The opener can come with several different features for safety and convenience, but it also has to match your garage door and home. An opener with a low-horsepower motor can’t lift a huge commercial door. Likewise, only LiftMaster® Jackshaft openers can mount along the side of the wall to accommodate garages without ceiling space.

At DistribuDoors, we install a number of different LiftMaster® openers for both residential and commercial needs. They’re fast, quiet and equipped with MyQ® technology that allows you to sync a mobile device to your opener and operate the door from any location with an internet connection. Our openers have multiple safety features like auto-reverse that keep anybody around the door safe. Clearly, the opener has countless functions, and each one on the market has different capabilities. Call us at 206-443-1640 if you need any help deciding.

What Could Go Wrong?

At DistribuDoors, we’ve been serving the greater Seattle area for more than 30 years as a local, family-owned business. In such a long stretch of providing successful installations, maintenance, repairs, replacements and more, we’ve seen just about everything that could go wrong with a garage door opener. The components are more complex than you probably realize just by looking at them. They have numerous important parts that keep them smoothly lifting and closing your door throughout the years. Any one of these parts can malfunction at any time:

  • Gears
  • Sprockets
  • Photo eyes
  • Circuit boards
  • Motors
  • Drive trains
  • Drive belts
  • Limit switches
  • Trolleys

Is Something Wrong With Your Garage Door Opener?

You can take several easy steps to check your garage door opener from time to time. To test its safety, check for photo eyes when your garage door is open. They should be mounted about six inches from the floor. Place an object in the way of them and make sure the door doesn’t close. Then, put an object that is 1.5 inches higher than the photo eye on the ground in the path of the door, and press the button for your door to shut. If the door starts to close, it should reverse without hitting the object.

If any element of the test doesn’t work, your opener is no longer safety compliant. You might also notice opener damage through day-to-day operation, like the door opening extremely noisily, jerkily, slowly or failing to respond at all. In these cases, you can schedule repairs. To keep ahead of possible problems and avoid costly repairs or delays in your productivity, you can also opt for preventative maintenance with DistribuDoors, and we’ll make sure your opener, as well as the rest of your garage door system, stay at their best performance all year.

Trust DistribuDoors for Affordable, Quality Repairs

When something goes wrong with your system, there are many reasons to choose DistribuDoors for your broken garage door repair services in Seattle. We’re proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and the huge number of positive reviews we have on Yelp and Angie’s List, so we strive to keep adding to our list of happy, satisfied customers. Just a few benefits we offer to help us reach that goal include:

  • Speed: We’re excited to serve you, which is why we have fully-equipped and service-ready trucks available for repairs when you call. We know you can’t wait around with a faulty opener, which is why we stay ready to head to your location as soon as possible after you call.
  • Affordability: We believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our low prices. In fact, we offer a right price guarantee to make sure of it. Bring us a written estimate for comparable services from any one of our competitors, and we’ll beat it by 5% every single time.
  • Honesty: Don’t believe us? Request a free estimate. Not only will you like what you see, but it’ll be transparent and accurate every time, so you don’t have to dread a high bill with unexpected hidden fees.
  • Education: At the end of the day, you want consistent work, done right every time. Incorrect repairs can cost you more time and money in the long run. We know it too, so we never hire subcontractors. Instead, we find skilled professionals in the industry, put them through a background check, hire them, train them ourselves and get them certified to do the work in the most effective, efficient way possible. No matter which technician shows up at your home, if they’re with DistribuDoors, they’ll be an expert.
  • Safety: A faulty garage door opener is trouble for door users as well as anyone who might be near the door. Because of tightly-packed springs, high-tension cables and heavy doors, trying to complete repairs yourself without the proper training can lead to serious injuries. Don’t fret — we train our professionals to safely take care of any issues so you don’t have to.

Now that you know about everything we have to offer, you can make the right decision about your garage door opener repair service in Seattle. Contact DistribuDoors today if you have any questions, and we’ll be happy to hear from you!