Garage Door Spring Inspection and Maintenance in Seattle

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or both, you probably use a garage door several times throughout your day. It seems like a simple piece of equipment that requires little concern, but it actually has countless moving components that make the system function properly.

One of the most important parts is the spring, which usually lasts for seven to 20 years, but it can wear out much faster without the proper care. At DistribuDoors, we offer spring inspections and maintenance, so you can continue using your garage door without stress.

Signs of a Problem With Your Garage Door Springs

No spring lasts forever. Even the highest-quality garage door components like those we install still have a lifetime limit. For springs, 10,000 cycles is a typical span, but it might be a little shorter or a longer — so how will you know?

To start, you can check for some common warning signs on your own. These include gaps, rust and other obvious damage, a door that will only open 6”, uneven opening, failure to open, a loud bang our other odd noises. If you notice these or other problems, call DistribuDoors at 206-443-1640 to discuss solutions.

What to Expect During Spring Inspection and Maintenance

When you start looking for garage door spring inspection and maintenance services in Seattle, you should know what to expect out of the work. While each company does things a little differently, some of the steps a company should always take are:

  • In-depth inspection: While you might know how to check for some issues on your own, our technicians know exactly where to look and what to check for to complete a more in-depth inspection. If any wear or corrosion is a risk to your spring or door, or any other issues need attention, like loose cables or connections, we won’t miss it.
  • Tweaks and adjustments: If you’re getting the regular maintenance that will keep your garage door functioning properly, it’s likely that some inspections will reveal everything in good condition without the need for replacement. In these situations, though, small adjustments usually still improve the spring’s function and keep it functioning longer. Our team can tighten, fill and otherwise service the unit’s center brackets, torsion shaft, bushings and other hardware so the springs use free movement and stay at their best performance.
  • Lubrication: Any moving part without lubrication will quickly malfunction and cause damage. Your garage door springs, like all other metal moving components in your door, need the proper quality and quantity of lubrication to protect against rust, corrosion and other wear throughout operation. During maintenance, we lubricate all other moving parts as well, like tracks, shaft rollers, wheels and more.
  • Replacements: If it turns out that your spring or any other component needs a repair or replacement, our team can offer recommendations and complete the work quickly and to your specifications. You can also schedule repairs online.
  • Test run: We won’t know that everything worked exactly how we wanted it to until we do a test run. Once all services are completed, we open and close the door numerous times to disperse the lubricant and achieve confirmation that no further issues will arise with your garage door, at least for a long time.

Why Choose DistribuDoors?

You never know when something might go wrong with the springs or any other component in your garage door. At DistribuDoors, we’re excited to help. We keep fully-stocked trucks ready to complete repairs and equipped to come to your home or business right away. Some of the key reasons our company is the right decision include our:

  • Experience: We’re no strangers to the greater Seattle setting with all of its weather conditions and housing styles. Our company is local and family-owned, and we’ve been satisfying customers throughout the region for more than 30 years. We’re an authorized dealer of Clopay® products, but our experience and training allow us to service doors from almost every manufacturer on the market.
  • Reviews: We don’t expect you to trust our claims without any backup. We have plenty of references to support the quick, high-quality work we do. To find people who have been fully satisfied by our products and services, visit Yelp, Angie’s List and other review sites and find out exactly how true what we say is. We even have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Employees: Subcontractors can be inconsistent and sloppy about their work. Instead of outsourcing, we hire employees who are experienced and skilled in the industry. They go through a full background check first. Then, they receive ongoing training. That way, you know any technician showing up to work on your door is fully certified and ready to get the job done right the first time.
  • Low Prices: We always strive to make sure the price tag on our products and services is completely reasonable and that we can complete work to suit almost any budget. Our right price guarantee keeps us on track with this goal — bring us a written estimate from any one of our competitors, and we will beat it by 5%.
  • Free estimates: If you’re still worried about the price or just want to know what to expect, you can request a free estimate, and we’ll get it to you quickly. We stay as transparent and accurate about our prices as possible, with no hidden fees tacked on at the end to surprise you.

Waiting until you notice a problem with your garage door to schedule services can give small damages a chance to turn into much larger, more expensive problems that may even cause you to require a full system overhaul. In addition, trying to complete the work on your own without the proper training can be dangerous. Avoid unnecessary expenses and hazards — contact DistribuDoors today for your garage door spring inspection and maintenance services in Seattle!